HealthJobs offers a wide spectrum of career
opportunities within various disciplines including
nursing, emergency medical services and
pharmaceutical services.

About HealthJobs as an employer

HealthJobs is a values-driven organisation that focuses on service leadership, staff engagement and developing our people. Our company culture is high performance based and rooted in an empowering approach.

Our reward and recognition programme is designed to acknowledge employees for living the HealthJobs values. The programme aims to encourage employees to continually and consistently perform to the highest standards and to provide excellent patient care.


Our recruitment process


Screen CV

We’ll look at your CV
to learn all about your
background, interests,
passions and tech



Our selection process
may further include
employee risk
assessments for
shortlisted candidates.



Should your application
be successful, our human resources department
will provide you with a
formal letter of offer



With the formalities
out the way – let’s get
cracking with the good
stuff. You’ll start your
new role.

Beware of job and training scams


HealthJobs is alerting the public to the opportunistic placement of HealthJobs-specific career and training opportunities on social media and other informal platforms, with the HealthJobs name being misused in a series of social media job and training scams.

In order to assist the public, HealthJobs is sharing a number of warnings that may indicate that the job advertised is a scam and not a legitimate job opportunity:

The application form asks for banking details;

Only a cellular telephone number is supplied for enquiries as the landline is “out of order”;

Payment may well be requested “upfront” for administration purposes, accommodation and uniforms;

The application form asks for banking details;